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Course overview

Looking to bridge the gap between engineering and AI? This course is tailored for executives, project managers, innovation leaders, and engineers aiming to delve into the world of artificial intelligence. From understanding AI's influence on engineering disciplines to hands-on coding workshops, participants will explore the symbiotic relationship between engineering practices and AI techniques through industry testimonials and practical applications.

Advanced/technical track.

Course dates

  • Only the basic course (Course 1 - 6h): May 13, 2014
  • Basic course (Course day 1 - 6h) + Advanced course (Course day 2 - 3h) + workshop (Course day 3 - 3h): May 13, 17 & 24

Course content

  • Introduction to intersection of engineering & AI: Explore how engineering principles intersect with AI across various domains.
  • Overview of AI techniques for engineering: Learn common AI techniques and their applications in engineering fields.
  • Engineering practices in AI (MLOps): Gain insights into the engineering practices required for deploying AI solutions, including MLOps.
  • Practitioner testimonials: Hear from industry professionals about real-world AI projects enhancing engineering processes.
  • Hands-on technical workshop: Get hands-on experience through a technical workshop, applying AI techniques to engineering challenges.

Learning outcomes

  • Map the role of AI in supporting and complementing engineering endeavors.
  • Understand the synergy between data and knowledge in AI-driven engineering solutions.
  • Navigate challenges associated with deploying AI solutions in production environments.
  • Gain familiarity with potential AI techniques applicable to engineering contexts.
  • Foster a critical and creative mindset towards data-driven approaches.
  • Recognize the limitations of AI techniques in engineering applications.

Meet our expert instructors

Johan Loeckx: With extensive experience in AI and engineering, Johan Loeckx brings a wealth of knowledge to the course. From founding startups to managing applied R&D teams, Johan's expertise spans both academia and industry, making him a valuable guide in exploring AI's intersection with engineering.

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Datum & Tijd
maandag mei 13, 2024
Start - 09:30 (Europe/Brussels)
vrijdag mei 24, 2024
Einde - 16:30 (Europe/Brussels)

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