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Elevate Your AI Startup with the FARI AI Accelerator Program

The VUB Business Development Academy (BUDA), in partnership with FARI – AI for the Common Good Institute, proudly present the FARI AI Accelerator Program. Tailored for emerging AI startups and entrepreneurs, this program is an unparalleled opportunity to scale your AI venture.

Who is it for?

This 6-month program is tailored for emerging AI startups and entrepreneurs eager to scale their ventures and make a meaningful impact. Whether your startup specializes in healthcare, finance, education, or transportation, this accelerator program arms you with the tools and knowledge to integrate AI effectively and responsibly.

Why join?

Joining this free program means gaining access to expert mentorship, networking opportunities within the AI startup ecosystem, and the chance to showcase your innovation to potential investors. Moreover, the program emphasizes ethical AI development aligned with European standards and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The program will start in the week of 15 April 2024.

When can you apply?

Registration deadline is on  April 15th, 2024. Take the first step toward transforming your AI startup by visiting our website for detailed information on the application process and program offerings.

Apply here

Where does it lead?

This program is your gateway to a transformative journey in AI business development, guiding you toward unlocking the full potential of your AI venture.

Program Highlights:

  • Zero-Cost, Comprehensive Training: Gain valuable insights and skills in business development, tailored specifically for AI-driven businesses, without any financial commitment.
  • Expert Mentorship & Networking: Engage with industry experts through mentorship and expand your network within the AI startup ecosystem.
  • Investor Pitch Opportunities: Showcase your innovation and pitch to potential investors, opening doors to funding and business growth.
  • Focus on Ethical AI: Aligned with humanistic values and European standards, the program emphasizes the ethical development and application of AI technologies, aiming to positively impact society and align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The journey officially commenced with a first workshop, setting the stage for an incredible learning experience. From business idea evaluation to navigating entrepreneurial challenges, these sessions are geared to equip you with vital skills and knowledge.

For more information about the FARI AI Accelerator, please contact Aleksandra Zaniewska (

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