Train the trainer: sustainable machine learning techniques

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AI has become an important role in software development. Core functionalities of software have been replaced by machine learning models.  However, the use of these kinds of adaptive techniques are not without drawbacks. They may use a lot of energy, introduce bias and have discriminatory effects. 

Target audience: Training providers including training schools, trainers and coaches. 

Novice data scientists and AI engineers with a basic knowledge of:

  • Python
  • Scikit-learn
  • Pandas

What will you learn?

  • Students will learn to understand and improve the impact on people & the environment.
  • How different machine learning models compare w.r.t. their impact on the environment.
  • How to improve the performance of ML systems for minorities.
  • How to assess fairness of ML techniques.
  • How to lower the need for large amounts of data.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of different evaluation metrics.
  • Sources of bias that may introduce discrimination.
  • How to improve the robustness of algorithmic outcomes.
  • Awareness of potential secondary effects that are not modelled in data.
  • Dangers of the “closed world” assumption.

Programme outline: 

  • 9:30 The AI mission is introduced to the students;
  • 10:00 Students tackle the problem, in pairs, on their own;
  • 11:00 The tutor helps students move forward and identifies potential problems;
  • 12:30 The different approaches of the students are discussed, and quantitatively compared w.r.t fairness & impact on the environment.

13:00 BREAK

  • 14:00 Techniques to assess and improve sustainability-related issues are explained.
  • 15:00 Small exercises are done to empower the students.
  • 16:30 Wrap-up and further reading 

 Practical information

Language: English

Number of participants: 14 max

Location: FARI Test and Experience Centre, Cantersteen 16, 1000 Brussels.

Date & time: 21/5/2024 from 9am to 16.30pm

Cancellations: should be notified by email ( . Cancellations notified 3 working days before the event are free of charge. In case of no-show or cancellation on the day itself, the fee of 105€ will be charged to cover the costs. Replacement by a colleague is always possible provided that this is notified in advance by email (


This course will be given by Professor Johan Loeckx from the VUB AI LAB


The value of this training is 3.031 EUR. With support from the European commission and Innoviris this is offered for free for SMEs, midcaps and nonprofits.


  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel AI lab
  • is a European Digital Innovation Hub in Brussels that serves as a single point of access to sustainable and digital innovation in Brussels with a focus on AI and other emerging technologies. Supported by the European Commission, Innoviris and


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Datum & Tijd
dinsdag mei 21, 2024
09:00 16:30 (Europe/Brussels)

Kantersteen 16
1000 Brussel
+32 474 96 44 89
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