AI Lunch&Learn: How to attract, recruit and retain the right talent thanks to AI building blocks or products

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Case 1: Talent API helps VDAB improve their offerings and unlock new services.

In the rapidly changing job market, matching candidates to vacancies is not an obvious task. For a consultant, it is almost impossible to get an overview of all the potential matches that could be there for a candidate. Several dimensions are necessary to match candidates to vacancies. Taking all these dimensions into account is therefore complex. AI helps the VDAB to optimise this complex process. Talent API provides an intelligent overview and suggests potential matches to a candidate. Talent API is also used to let both employers and jobseekers explore the space of near-matches and suggest possible steps to find a desired job faster.


  • Michael De Blauwe, Project Manager @VDAB AI Team
  • Raphael Peschi, Machine Learning Team Lead, RADIX.AI

Case 2: How AI creates outstanding employee experience at Proximus?

As one of the largest employers in Belgium, Proximus HR addresses a large number of HR questions from employees every day. The internal HR team receives these requests through various channels. However, some of these channels are outdated and do not deliver a desired level of service. Moreover, Proximus takes into account the younger generation, which strongly prefers asynchronous communication to the outdated channels. More and more, employees prefer channels where they get a quick answer instead of having to stay on line and wait. By introducing a Conversational AI chatbot combined with a live chat function to talk to HR, Proximus has succeeded in providing an exceptional employee experience.


  • Robbert Menten, communicatiemanager HR, Proximus
  • Ivan Westerhof, COO, Campfire

Practical information

Date : Wednesday March 29th from12u30 tot 13u15

Location :   Teams

Format: Webinar

Language : Nederlands

Price: Free




Ferdinand Casier -


VLAIO & Europa

Date & Time
Wednesday March 29, 2023
12:30 PM 1:15 PM (Europe/Brussels)



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