Masterclass: Sustainable IT (Academy)

The digital industry is responsible for 3-4% of global carbon emissions

That is about as much as the aviation sector. Besides its environmental footprint, IT also has important social impacts on users (accessibility or inclusion for example) through apps, websites, software,... It is therefore high time that we increase our efforts to make our companies and digital landscapes more sustainable.

But where to start? The domain of "Sustainable IT" covers strategies and actions to reduce the negative impact on the environment with regard to the production, use and disposal of digital technology. This entails the internal use of digital technology, as well as the design of digital products and services.

In this comprehensive session you explore the concept of sustainable IT, learn to understand its subdomains and how to start your journey through actionable steps.

"I found the masterclass particularly inspiring. It helps to exchange ideas and set up own sustainability trajectories. Also a good networking opportunity.“ Bruno Van de Pol, IT Manager, SPIE Belgium.

For whom?

This session is aimed both at:

  • IT Managers and CTO’s in charge of the technical roadmap and implementation of their organization;
  • Sustainability officers, looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of how IT and digital technologies intricately contribute to the broader sustainability landscape.

What to expect from this session?

This physical 1-day session is a combination of presentations, practical exercises and group discussions.

You will get both an overview of the field and a number of deep-dives in specific topics of sustainable IT through practical cases and peer-inspired conversations.

You will walk away equipped with an actionable plan and empowered to embrace a more environmentally and socially conscious IT approach for your company.

Finally, you will get the opportunity of a follow-up session. Ngage offers an individual 45-minutes session with each participant one week after the Masterclass, to answer specific questions and follow-up on their specific action plan.

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Date & Time
Tuesday June 04, 2024
9:00 AM 5:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)


Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80
1030 Schaerbeek
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Agoria, Carine Lucas

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