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Explore how custom-made AI can be key to your sustainable digitalization

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Unlock the Power of AI for Sustainable Digitalization! Dive into our Artificial Intelligence course and explore how custom-made AI can be the key to your sustainable digitalization journey

Course overview


This course delves into the principles of AI and its profound impact on society, using practical fields such as healthcare and biomechanics as real-world examples. From AI ideation to applications, you'll gain significant insights into the opportunities and impacts AI brings to your business and society at large. 


Beginner track 


Course dates


  • Only Basic Course (Course 1 - 6h): March 18, 2024 
  • Basic Course (Day 1 - 6h) + Advanced Course (Day 2 - 3h) + Workshop (Day 3 - 3h): March 18, 22 & 29, 2024 


Course content

  • Introduction to AI: What is it and what can it do? 
  • AI Applications 
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of AI 
  • Sociological Aspects of AI 

Learning Outcomes


  • Gain an overview of the impact AI has on society 
  • Discover the application of AI in specific topics such as health, biomechanics, law, ethics, and sociology 
  • Understand the legal and ethical dimensions surrounding AI  

Meet our expert instructors


Giovanni Briganti 


Medical Doctor & Ph.D. in Medical Sciences 

AI in Health Expert 

AI and Digital Medicine Chair at Univ. of Mons 


Bernardo Innocenti 


Professor of Biomechanics at ULB, Belgium 

Ph.D. in Mechanical Design 

Recipient of Research Awards in Orthopaedics   

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zaterdag maart 30, 2024
Einde - 16:30 (Europe/Brussels)

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